The new VEB200-2

The new VEB200-2 double blindstitch machine has been specially developed for demanding materials of fine to medium quality.
The double blindstitch seam is concealed inside the hem as an even, loose, non-sagging cross stitch that blindstitches the two hem layers alternately from the inside. The two spring-loaded pushers prevent seam markings even on cross seams on the outside and inside.

The new features of the VEB200 series:

  • The piecing accuracy, even at high sewing speeds, is second to none.
  • The extended arm passage makes attaching the trim much easier and thus also increases productivity.
  • The user-friendliness and the view of the sewing area have been improved once again.
  • The VEB modular system with greatly reduced maintenance intensity minimises the operating costs of the machine!
  • The standard Direct Drive motor, the optional thread trimmer and the optional digital stitch depth display round off the comfort package.