This is what distinguishes the 710 series

In jacket/jacket processing the highest demands are always made. With the new machine from STROBEL you get the highest quality for hem and lining processing! With a seam as if stitched by hand, you will meet all demands and realise the and consistently achieve the highest quality and productivity in your production. The 710 is a 2-thread lockstitch blindstitch sewing machine for staffing the lining of jacket and coat hems. Optional processing of fabric hems for half-lined jackets and coats is possible.

  Completely new design and stand concept allows for the first time a user-friendly flatbed machine with a large working area
 Stepper motor controlled plunger module with 1/100mm accurate adjustability for extremely precise and repeatable depth of cut
 7 quickly programmable memory locations for individual stitch depth values and machine speeds that can be changed during the sewing process
 Stitch plate with new side diver and spring-loaded ratchet teeth for even more precise stitching
 Optional conversion kit for processing half-lined jackets and coats
Teachin mode for precise stitch depth selection
 Simple connection/disconnection of the seam locking device
 Maintenance-friendly and largely oil-free design
 Large clearance of 420mm x 150mm
 Reduction of running noise due to new bearing and new head cover design
 New ergonomic placement of the handwheel
 Modular design with integrated sewing drive


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