Two-thread blindstitch lockstitch machine for the Production of seat covers

We at Strobel are proud to be able to offer our 810C and we are even more proud to open up new horizons for the development of seats for the automotive industry. Often it is the smallest details that bring a new idea to life. With many decades of experience in special sewing machine construction we have extensive knowledge in the development of special solutions. With the 810C you can sew cover stitchings such as tie-downs and tubular tapes by means of a two-thread lockstitch blindstitch seam without any visual on the outside of the seat cover without optical impairments. The cover stitchings are sewn directly onto laminated nonwovens or foam/non-woven composites without touching the outside of the seat cover and can therefore be placed randomly. Since we do not interfere with the design of the seat cover, new horizons open up in car seat development. Have we aroused your interest? Please contact us for further information.

What makes the 810C stand out

With the 810C you can stitch cover stitching such as tie-downs and tubular tapes without visually affecting the outside of the seat cover.

  • Independent stepper motor controlled precision immersion module with 1/100 mm accuracy adjustment option for precise and repeatable plunge depth.  
  • Independent stepper motor controlled Belt bottom feed with digitally adjustable stitch length.
  • Precision sewing head with patented automatic thread thread cutter and, for the first time freely programmable seam backtacking.
  • 6 quickly programmable memory locations for individual stitch depth values, stitch lengths and sewing speeds, which can be changed during the sewing process. can be changed during the sewing process.
  • Teach-in mode for precise stitch depth selection.
  • Electrically height-adjustable frame with large table top and separate thread winder.
  • Maintenance-friendly, largely oil-free construction.
  • Large free space of 400mm x 150mm.
  • New ergonomic positioning of the handwheel.
  • The machine is now equipped with Dürkopp Adler drive technology. The use of the DAC Classic control system in conjunction with the OP-1000 control panel allows the customer a much friendlier operation. operation.

Options available

Swivel-off material guide for tubular belts and TieDowns.



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