This is what distinguishes the VEB100 series

The VEB100 series is the entry into the legendary Strobel world, developed and manufactured in Bavaria by the blind stitch expert. We are so meticulous about the VEB100 that that some people think it is splitting hairs. And you are right, because its its stitch is so precise that you could split hairs with it.

 A particularly large passage allows comfortable sewing, even with hard-to-reach seam positions
 Precision sewing kinematics that do not reach their limits even with elastic and ultra-fine fabrics
 Perfect directional stability, even at high speeds
 Highest productivity with up to 3000 stitches/min.

Features of the VEB100-2W

The new VEB100-2W has been specially developed for dressing the waistband. It can be used both for staffing on the edge (American waistband processing) as well as for sewing on the waistband seam (European processing). With the spring-loaded presser, the VEB100-2W also scans belt loops, cross seams, waistband pleats and pocket openings.


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