Two thread overseaming machine


This two thread overseaming machine is useful for versatile applications. It is suitable to sew leather, fur, nappa and double face combination of fur and fabric. It can be used for edging of
collars, sleeve cuffs and foreparts, as well. The machine produces a very nice two thread chain stitch. Therefore it can be used either for ornamental or functional seams (overlay seams, side seams). To achieve different looks, there can be sewn the right or the left side for the stitch looks very nice on both sides. Optional there are easy to change feed and front cups in different designs as well as a thread trimmer, another cup arm and an extra work plate for large pieces.

Prospect 142-30
Operating instructions 142-30, 142-40
Mechanics instructions 142-30, 142-40
Spare parts catalugue 142-30