125 years of experience in special machines, make us to your competent specialists around the blind stitch and over edge seam.

As authorized economic operators we possess the AEO-certificate

We - the Strobel Spezialmaschinen GmbH -

-are your international leading and innovative partner in the realization of demanding for customer-specific solutions in the field of blind stitch and over edge seam.
-manufacture simple blind stitch machine but as well technically complex special machines.
-supply to branches like ladies' and men' garment manufacturer. To the shoe industry (well-known as technical term "to strobel"). To the leather and fur processing and for the field of technical textile.
-follow the wishes and needs of our clients and find individual solutions for this - MADE TO MEASURE -
-advise our clients with expertise.
-provide for the machinery supplied by us services over the whole life - worldwide.
-invest in research, development and continuous training of our employees and representatives. We assure us thereby the technical edge and the forward-looking progress for the benefit of our business partners.