The VEB100-Series being the entry into the legendary Strobel world
has been developed and is manufactured by the Bavarian experts for blind stitch sewing.


Some may consider it hair splitting that we take it so serious with our VEB 100 Series. And they are right as the stitching is so precise it cloud indeed split hairs


Distinctive features of the entire VEB 100 Series:


  • A vast arm clearance allows comfortable sewing even for seams in sewing areas with difficult access.
  • High precision sewing kinematics which do not reach their limits even with elastic and ultrafine fabrics.
  • Highest productivity with up to 3000 stitches per minute.
  • Perfectly straight sewing even at high speed.

You may choose from a multiple range of VEB100 variants, specially configured for your requirements. The modular structure even allows reconfiguration at a later stage in case your requirements are changing.

With the VEB100-1 we have extended the limitations for sewing high quality and fashionable lady´s clothing. Specific strengths: Fine and ultrafine materials.



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