Advanced development of a successful model

Single-thread blind-stitch machine for roll hemming
For rolled hems for pocket squares, silk scarves, skirts, dresses, blouses, etc. made of thin material.
The roll hemming machine VEB 100-4 from Strobel is the advanced development of the previous model 103-254.  Their greatest strength is distinguished by its ability to evenly and delicately roll the edges of even the thinnest fabrics. The seam is placed in at the edge and is practically invisible.


Various folders for different diameters available
The VEB 100-4 demonstrates its versatility with various folders that allow you to vary the hemming diameter with great precision. If  the highest possible roll hemming quality is required when producing skirts, dresses, blouses, silk scarves and pocket squares, then the VEB 100-4 is the perfect choice.

Prospect VEB100-4
Operating instructions VEB100-1/-2/-2W/-4/-5
Mechanics instructions VEB100-1/-2/-2W/-4/-5
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