Single thread blind stitch sewing unit for fusible coated tapes


Even with the VEB100-6 we were able to implement our new modular design perfectly. The result is a sewing machine distingushing itself by its flexibility of use. Fusible tapes coated on one side can be attached to jacket fronts or facings (different tubes needed) to be fused to the jacket. In spite of a low work input this semiautomatic unit guarantees high quality combined with high efficiency (daily 850 to 1200 jakets). The machine is equipped with an automatic tape feeding device, tape cutter, thread trimmer and the option to predetermine the seam length. The tape feeding device guarantees reliable tape feeding.

The tape feeding device guarantees reliable tape feeding and is freely adjustable for tape widths from 15 to 25 mm whereby the seam is always placed in the centre of the tape. Swing away the tape feeding device and the machine may be used for other operations.

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